Vernier TV280 restoration

31 Mars 2016
Forlì (Italie)
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Hello everybody, recently I have bought a new old lathe saving it from scrape, more precisely it'a "Vernier TV280", made in France.
The machine didn't appear in very good conditions beacuse it had been exposed to rain for some month, but the price was so interesting (500€ including transportation), so I decided to bring it at home.
The tools included with the lathe were only the steady and follower rest and a Rapid Original A Type toolpost with 4 tool holders.
I've started disassembling some part of the "new toy" (tailstock, enclosures, chuck,....) and to clean them, there is a lot of work to do but it seems a very well made machine.
Now a series of photo:
1 Novembre 2013
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FR-29 Brest

The machine didn't appear in very good conditions because it had been exposed to rain for some month, but the price was so interesting (500€ including transportation)
I guess you have made a good deal ... The exterior of the machine is a pity but the interior of the gear box looks quite nice ... the bed slides also do not exhibit evident signs of wear ... I noticed that you get a quick change toolpost as well ... this is quite useful ... looks to be the same Dickson design as mine ... The electric box needs to be reworked a little bit I'am afraid :roll: ...

I will follow carefully your restoration work :wink: !

Kind regards,

Je pense que vous avez fait une bonne affaire ... L'extérieur de la machine fait pitié mais l'intérieur de la boîte de vitesses n'a pas l'air mal ... les glissières du banc ne montrent pas non plus de signes évident d'usure ... J'ai remarqué que vous avez eu ausi une tourelle à changement rapide ... c'est plutôt pratique ... on dirait la même Dickson que la mienne ... Le coffret électrique semble avoir besoin de quelques travaux aussi j'en ai peur :roll: ...

Je vais suivre les travaux de restauration avec la plus grande attention :roll: !

13 Juillet 2008
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Clermont Ferrand
Good evening cima96

Congratulations for this nice purchase.
J like this machine, disign of seventie's
Good luck for dessambling operation.
Check Voltage motor before connecting to electricticy link.
J think that the electrical cabinet is obsolet..
have a nice day
cldt, cf63.
31 Mars 2016
Forlì (Italie)
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Thank you everybody for the responses and thank you chabercha for the documentation link. I have had a look to the manual and I've seen that it doesn't seem complete, it looks like a sort of "collage" of two different manuals of the same machine and unfortunately some page is lost. Is there anyone in the forum that has a manual in good conditions and that could take some photo to let me complete the book?
Yesterday I started to clean rust and sledge and to restore the guards that cover the rear part of the headstock. They're made of metal sheets and the previous owner hadn't been so delicate with them, so I'im doing a bit of hand "tinsmithing".
Then I disassembled also the motor-clutch-brake group, it had been a bit challenging because the space into the motor cabinet is not so much, but at the end I've been able to pull it out from the plinth.
I want also to ask a question to the other TV 280 owners: in my lathe there is some guard lost and I'm talking about the two doors in the pedestal (more precisely the electric cabinet and tool storage cabinet doors) and the cover of the two lever that control the spindle gearbox on the headstock (see the last photo). Is there anyone that could take some picture and measure in their lathes to permit me to build a copy of the lost parts?? Thank you.
13 Juillet 2008
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Clermont Ferrand
Hello cima96

A photo of the top cover ( without dimensions)

Check the cluth brake ( minimum of magnetic gap), but also the rectifier often "pumping"
May be change the set of belts
Dont forget that this machine know only the millimeters.
Le Prolls
31 Décembre 2012
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FR-35 Rennes BZH
Hello Cima96,

Sorry for my poor english :mad:, but i try....

Nice lathe you have, I hope that you have many other bottle of WD40 to clean this machine :-D, and also many hours to spend.

This forum is getting more and more international.

31 Mars 2016
Forlì (Italie)
Thank you for the photo, but I need something more precise. I can imagin the shape of the top cover and some of the measures simply looking at the headstock of my lathe.
Of course I will change the belts and also all the oil seals, electric cabels, bearings (if damaged) and so on, but what do you mean when you say "Dont forget that this machine know only the millimeters."??

@Le Prolls
No problem for the language, nor mine is perfect (italian people are famous all over the world for their awful english language :ohwell: :mrgreen:), and then the WD40...........just on thursday morning I spent 15€ to buy 1L of it :zoutte:
13 Juillet 2008
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Clermont Ferrand
hello cima96

All the "verniers" (graduations) of the screws of this machine are in mm , not in inches...

It will be better is you change the " contactors" by telemecanique ( square d).
The Petercem contactors are may be oxyded and the coils unfindable.

Test the main motor before connect the power (may be humidity problems out with insulation).
J try to give you some dimensions for the top cover (one of my friend works on TV280, but could you wait a few days).

sincerly yours,cf63
31 Mars 2016
Forlì (Italie)
I don't have 3 phase power supply, so I will realize a new electric cabinet with a single phase-three phase inverter for the main motor (of course modified with triangle wiring to be powered with 230V voltage), so I will remove the old contactors mounting just a new one for the coolant pump.
Thank you also for your helpfulness regarding the top cover.
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31 Mars 2016
Forlì (Italie)
Hello everybody, I am very slowly going on in the restoration. Now I'm focusing on all sorts of enclosures and sheetmetal parts, they're dented because of various bumps obviously caused by the previous owner, so there is some "bodywork" to do using different sizes of hammers, angle grinder, and welding machine.
Someone could say that bodywork is non the most important manteinance to do on an old lathe, but my intent is to reach the result "as new", so I prefer doing it now and try to fit together all the restored parts before painting.
Then I cleaned the coolant basin, I removed such a pan of dirt and I tried to repair the pump but it was too damaged so I throwed it away.
I also disassembled the cross and top slides, they were a bit seized because of the rust, but it doesn't seem nothing serious because on the guideways I can see the signs of scraping.
Finally the chuck, it was completely covered of rust, so I reduced it into minimal components then to clean it I used hydrochloric acid. In my opinion the result is great, the only problem is that the chuck is a precision tool, so now I have to polish the grey deposition of converted rust using a steel brush or scotch brite.
Some photo:
13 Juillet 2008
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Clermont Ferrand
HELLO cima96

Comme prévu, quelques dimensions du tv280:

1/ Front panel in aluminium 2 colors Black and white
Face avant hauteur 135 mm; longueur 435 mm
axe de l'inverseur (à 100mm depuis la gauche, longueur rainure 70 mm, largeur rainure 14 mm)
rainures du sélecteur de vitesses entraxe 55 mm 4 rainures largeur 18 mm.
entraxe 55 mm à partir de 30 mm depuis la droite à l'axe; 200 mm à l'axe de la rainure de gauche.

2/Top cover (in steel may be 15/10mm)
longueur 435 mm (external dimension) hauteur 135 mm

les cotés sont en forme de trapèze: 335 mm en haut; 350 mm en bas

2.1/coté gauche:( left side of top cover)
découpe pour la broche à 240 mm (sur la base de 350 mm) depuis l’arrière Ø 50 hauteur 25 mm.
2.2/ cote droit :( right side of top cover over the chuck)
découpe pour la broche à 240 mm (sur la base de 350 mm ) depuis l’arrière Ø 150 hauteur 65 mm.

J hope that thoses informations will be understanded...
My scanner is out of order; j am sorry.
For your Ladner chuck, it possible to buy some soft jaws; this firm is again existing in France ref L20 Chuck Ø160).
Have a good time for cleanning operation.

sincerly yours, cf63
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