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Accessoires et tours Schaublin

Discussion dans 'Tours' créé par knutselaar0, 10 Décembre 2010.

  1. knutselaar0

    knutselaar0 Compagnon

    19 Juillet 2008
    Accessoires et tours Schaublin
    Regarde ici sur "Yahoo forum schaublin"
    Dans la section "Photo's"
    Lots of Schaublin by SJBRUSKY
    Beaucoup des accessoires pour les tours schaublin.
    Peut'etre on doit registrer sur le "Yahoo Forum Schaublin "?

    Hi Guys,
    I was lucky enough to aquire a huge amount of schaublin and related items. I've
    gone through about 50% of it so far and will be keeping some and selling the
    rest. It will all be organized and I will make a list of items alot of you might
    be interested in. Alot of it will be rebuilt and posted slowly over the next few
    years, but just wanted to give everyone in the group first crack at it. There
    are tons of collets--internal, external,step and regular, F12, F16, W12, W20,
    and W25, centers, chucks(three jaw and four jaw, faceplates, eccentric chucks,
    Drives, headstocks, tailstocks, carraiges, turrets, beds, milling and grinding
    attachments and spindles, quick collet closers drawbars all sizes, riser plates,
    vises, arbors, toolholders and parts all for 70 and 102. and lots more. I posted
    an album called "lots of schaulin" --there are some pics of a little bit of it,
    and will post more as time goes on. Email me with any questions or interest.

    Thanks guys,
  2. Bill Getz

    Bill Getz Apprenti

    16 Mars 2010

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